Vaccine Patch Protects Against Travelers’ Diarrhea

There’s a new patch that acts as a vaccine against travelers’ diarrhea, Reuters reports.

No injections. No diarrhea. I can live with that.

The story reports that the vaccine prevents or reduces the severity of illness when people are infected with Escherichia coli bacteria, the most common cause of travelers’ diarrhea. The vaccine also seems to reduce the severity of diarrhea caused by other organisms.

In my experience, some people are more prone to this illness than others. I’ve had it, but my husband and daughter more so. When the kid and I went to Mexico City, I was swilling Negra Modelo and chowing down at Tacontento while she kept looking wan and complaining about her stomach. Next time, I’d like to patch all of us up before a trip.

(Picky, irrelevant aside: The story refers to travelers’ diarrhea as Montezuma’s Revenge and includes a photo of a Mayan temple at Chichen Itza. Montezuma was an Aztec.)


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