Trains Are All The Rage

Planes are out and it looks like trains are in fashion, in a big way.

Reports are breaking out all over of increased ridership on Amtrak, including in Southern California and North Carolina.

The Associated Press reports that the transportation bill President Bush signed Friday includes $45 million to study the notion of a high-speed magnetic levitation rail line between Disneyland and Las Vegas.

Arthur Frommer, in a blog post recommending alternatives to air travel, urges readers to throw out the senators who have thwarted development of a better rail system.

The EcoGeek blog finds that trains aren’t just environmentally sound, they’re comfortable and convenient, too.

Wired’s Autopia blog reports on a hybrid bus/train being tested in Japan.

I’m getting on board. I just booked a rail trip from Seattle to Vancouver, B.C., in September.


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