Daily Archives: May 31, 2008

‘Lost’ Gets Silly About Airline Finances

On a recent episode of the ABC series “Lost,” a plane crash survivor announced that she had bought a controlling interest in a multinational corporation with her settlement from the airline.

“Lost” has a variety of incredible plot features, including time travel, precognition, ghosts and a murderous “smoke monster.” But the notion of an airline capable of laying out a cash settlement of that size has to be the least believable development so far.

These days, if an airliner crashed and stranded passengers on a tropical island for several months, the airline would probably charge the passengers for an anauthorized stopover.

Even the obscene amounts paid to departing executives – like the $22 million that Northwest CEO Doug Steenland is set to take away after the Delta merger – aren’t going to buy a big piece of a multinational corporation. Unless it’s another airline …