Daily Archives: May 27, 2008

Mesa Airlines On The Brink

If you have 51 cents in your pocket, you could buy half a cup of coffee. Or a share of Mesa Airlines. I’d recommend the coffee.

The 51-cent price represents a bit of a rebound. It came after Mesa filed for an injunction against Delta Air Lines — and announced that it would file for bankruptcy protection July 20 if Delta prevails in its attempt to cancel a contract with Mesa.

Yes, that’s what passes for good news in the airline industry right now.



Amtrak’s June Vacation

Did you see the piece in The Courant that asks why Amtrak would shut down service between New Haven and Boston for four days next month without providing alternative arrangements for travelers? Seems like a reasonable question.

The rationale for the shutdown is legit – replacing a bridge and repairing some track, writes James P. RePass of the National Corridors Initiative. But Amtrak is a subsidized monopoly. And that should come with certain obligations to the public because there’s no competition to pick up the slack.

Just sayin’.