Norwegian Spirit In Fender-Bender

The Norwegian Spirit hit a pier in New York this morning, causing minor damage to the ship and the pier. It’s either the same pier – or one near it – that the Carnival Victory hit last August.

The Gothamist suggests that this is not unusual: “Typical out-of-towners: they never know how to drive in the city!”

Of course if you want the eyewitness account, you have to go to Cruise Critic:

We were between Pier 88 and 90 rotating clockwise to tie up on the north side of Pier 88 and just kept coming closer and closer to Pier 90. I was wondering if it was an optical illusion that we seemed so close, and then the tip of the bow actually hit Pier 90. It scraped along for maybe 20 feet, damaging the outside of the pier somewhat. On the ship, the collision partially broke and mangled the little platform that extends from the tip of the bow.

The New York Daily News has a photo of the damage to the ship.

Hey, could be worse. At least the ship didn’t break in half


2 thoughts on “Norwegian Spirit In Fender-Bender

  1. Bert Shankle

    We had been “bumping into” the Spirit all week in the Caribbean, but only figuratively. We were on a cruise in the Caribbean aboard the Carnival Miracle. I have photos of the two ships docked next to each other in San Juan earlier in the week. As we were docking, the Spirit just kept coming toward us. My friend commented, “He’s going to T-bone us.” When the Spirit began to turn into the pier next to us, I was shocked. Several of us in the dining room of the Carnival Miracle which was still docking on the other side of the pier that was about to be hit stood from our seats and walked to the window. The nose of the Spirit came very close to not making it past the edge of the pier. If it had not made it, all the momentum of the ship would have been transferred into the pier, rather than just resulting in a glancing blow. We were all very lucky. This could have been catastrophic. Whoever is responsible for that mishap, well I won’t speculate. Our trip was great and ended with some real excitement. But we got home safe and THAT was the Miracle.

  2. Eric Talerico

    I was onboard the Norwegian Spirit when this happened, on deck taking photographs of New York City. I didn’t hear any noise, or even feel anything at all – but was delighted when a few Fire Department boats pulled in beside us. I thought that they were there for an exercise or something and I just kept snapping away! A few minutes after the Fire Department boats arrived, a gentleman wearing an NYPD hat (the touristy kind – not the real thing!) came over and said “Wouldn’t you really rather get pictures of the damage?” The he told me what had happened and directed me forward to see the front end crumpled – I got a few nice shots, and later while on the pier, took a few minutes of video. I had to stop shooting when someone with a badge said “put the camera away, or lose it!” Kind of silly when you think about it – by that point, nearly 90 minutes after the collision, the cat was well out of the bag!


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