Man Accused Of Siphoning Fuel From Jet

A man who worked at the Portland International Jetport in Maine is suspected of siphoning jet fuel to burn as home heating oil, the Portland Press Herald reports.

Witnesses report seeing him siphon fuel into a five-gallon container from a JetBlue A320, and police believe it wasn’t the first time he did it. The guy had not been charged as of this morning, but the Pess Herald reports that he’s been fired by a contractor that fuels planes at the airport.

Jet fuel costs airlines nearly $4 a gallon, so five gallons doesn’t add up to a whole lot. The real cost came when JetBlue had to delay a flight 30 minutes after crews discovered a loose fuel cap. The airline estimates the delay cost $3,000.

I’m old enough to remember the gas crunch in the 70s, when most cars had unsecured gas caps and people were buying locking gas caps that opened with a little key. Maybe those are still on the market somewhere …


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