United Accidentally Drops Fares $130

Oops.  United Airlines accidentally dropped the $130 fuel surcharge from all its domestic fares today.

A $197 fare between Washington and Hartford, for example, dropped to $67, according to the Wall Street Journal.

You didn’t read it here first. I didn’t find out about it until it was almost over. I helped the husband snag an open-jaw trip to the West Coast but there was no time to figure out where I could go. Curse my day job!

We all would have known about it in plenty of time if we’d been on the farecompare.com site, or if we subscribed to its newsletter.

United says it will honor the reduced fares, which is probably wise. Aer Lingus caused a major fuss last month when it initially refused to honor its accidental 5 euro fares between Ireland and the United States.

Aer Lingus relented and allowed the passengers to rebook into economy class. (The original fares were for business class.)


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