Worst Seat On The Plane

There was an interesting detail in the story about the guy who’s suing JetBlue, claiming he was forced to sit in an airplane lavatory for an hour and a half because there was no seat for him on the plane.

Some of the news stories didn’t mention it, but apparently the passenger was flying standby on a discount buddy pass, given to him by a friend or relative who is a JetBlue employee. 

If he wins his $2 million lawsuit, I hope he shares it with the employee who gave him the pass. Regardless of exactly how the whole thing happened, I doubt JetBlue is too keen on handing out any more passes to that employee.


6 thoughts on “Worst Seat On The Plane

  1. KMH

    Why should the employee or the person who was forced onto the toilet be punished? That pilot and those flight attendants need to be FIRED. JetBlue deserves what they get here.

  2. Jeanne Leblanc

    I’m not saying anyone should be punished. I’m speculating that JetBlue isn’t too happy about this. I’ve flown on a buddy pass and they come with a whole lot of restrictions that all add up to one big message: don’t make a fuss.

  3. Are u kidding me

    are u kidding me???? Do you really think this is what happened? Why would the entire flight crew risk their jobs by making this person sit in the lav? What about other passengers? Why is no one else speaking out. One would have to be a moron to believe this actually happened. Media loves this kind of negative crap. I can’t wait to hear what really happened.

  4. Jeanne Leblanc

    Easy with the insults, dude. It’s a lawsuit, and nobody reported it as gospel. It certainly will be interesting to hear the other side.

  5. FRE

    I can’t believe that it actually happened. Would any passenger be so lacking in the ability to be assertive that the plane personnel could get away with such a thing? Is there anyone here who would, unless confronted with a gun, agree to sit on the commode instead of his seat? I very much doubt it.
    I know that if airline personnel actually attempted to do that to me, I’d simply refuse. What could they do about it?

  6. BA

    Anybody who believes that this is what really happened, as the idiot who says the pilot and flight attendants should be fired, is a naive fool. People file frivolous lawsuits every day in the hopes that the defendant or their insurance company will settle out of court just to avoid the costs of a trial. It works, because many companies do settle because often it is cheaper to pay a small settlement than pay a bunch of lawyers.
    I know the plaintiff is lying because my good friend was the captain of the Jetblue flight and he has no reason to lie or cover his ass to me. The plaintiff offered the flight attendant the seat she had given up out of gratitude and he was hanging out in the rear galley as many passengers do when the seatbelt sign is off. When he went to go back to his seat, the flight attendant had fallen asleep and he did not wake her, but instead went and sat, by his own decision, in the bathroom. When the seatbelt sign was turned on, he was told to return to his seat, and the flight attendant was woken and she returned to the jumpseat. He was NEVER ordered to sit in the bathroom. This guy is a scumbag who just wants money.
    Unfortunately when the truth comes out, the media will no longer be interested and my friend and his airline will have been crucified unjustly.


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