Indecent Talk At The Gate

I was sitting at the gate at Bradley, waiting for a flight and trying to ignore the cell phone conversation of a man seated at my back. This wasn’t easy because he was talking loudly and because his head was about eight inches from mine.

No fun but, unfortunately, that’s modern life.

Then he began to describe a business interaction in crude, suggestive terms. And then he repeated the description. And then he did it again.

Whatever. I’ve run across that type of jerk before.

But then he described with some enthusiasm what he’d like to do to a woman he was
purportedly looking at, a woman he described as having “melons as big as your head.”

WDT? Who does that?

He wasn’t talking about me. (I’m sure of this for two reasons.)  But he clearly didn’t care that he was surrounded by strangers, including women and children, in a
completely public place.

It was too much for me at 6 in the morning. I grabbed my carry-on, jumped out of my seat, muttered a crude term of my own and stomped off to find somewhere else to sit.

That, by the way, is how I was taught to say uncivilized things in a public place – under my breath. Isn’t that how it’s supposed to work?

I don’t want to be the old curmudgeon complaining about how standards of public decency are going to hell, but I kind of think they might be. I mean, really! Are we seriously going to consider letting people use cell phones on planes, elbow to elbow with each other. Do we have any indication that this would work out?

And, by the way, there was no buxom woman anywhere in the vicinity. He made it up.


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