Fuel Prices Boost Air Fares

Three major airlines raised their fuel surcharges by $20 on Thursday, an increase that looks likely to stick. The AP reports that those surcharges now total $130 on many domestic trips.

Several major carriers are levying fuel surcharges of $270 for transAtlantic trips, and others are charging more than $300, according to a scarifying rundown by Rick Seaney.

Seaney is also quoted in a Reuters piece that suggests fares can rise only so high before travelers start bagging their trips and staying home.

Besides, who can afford the gas to drive to the airport?


One thought on “Fuel Prices Boost Air Fares

  1. Jeff

    So true Jeanne.
    While you probably won’t feel sorry for us, we are stuck in Hawaii until something gives (reduced demand, new players, or the fall season). Prices seem to be going up every day. I saw the Pleasant Holiday deals earlier in the week and tried to book one for family, but either they were bait and switch or were so limited that I couldn’t find anything at prices near what they were promoting (starting at $479 to Oahu for air and hotel).


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