Do NOT Put Your Hands In The Seatback Pocket

Scott McCartney of the Wall Street Journal has written in his column The Middle Seat about the dreadful things people do on airplanes, focusing particularly on the disgusting things they leave in seatback pockets.

Oh, yeah. We’re talking half-eaten food, used Kleenex, used diapers, used chewing tobacco.

One theory is that people are mad at the airlines, so they’re more likely than ever to stick gross stuff into the seatback pockets. Also, aircraft cleaning ain’t exactly what it used to be.

Anyway, I am never reaching in that pocket for the safety card again. I’ll just have to rely on memory if the things get dicey. How does it go? Turn and lift emergency exit door, slide down chute thingy, run / swim like hell?

Ewww. I hope they clean that chute thingy.


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