Delta Gets Freaky With Seats

Delta is looking to do some freaky reconfiguring of seats on its 767s and 777s on international routes, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

The idea is to stagger the seats in each row like this:

cozy2.jpgAmong the alleged benefits of this configuration:

  • Each passenger gets two arm rests. No more elbow wars.
  • Each passenger gets a little side wall to lean on while snoozing. No more drooling on the passenger in the next seat.
  • Seats flip up so passengers can stand briefly, without having to go out into the aisle, to let other passengers pass through.
  • Seat backs don’t recline. No more reclining into the next row back. (To which I declare: hallelujah!)

I should add, just in case you were getting a warm and fuzzy feeling about how sweet it is for Delta to care about our comfort and happiness, that this seating configuration will also allow Delta to throw an additional seat into each row of its 767 and 777 aircraft.

Want to know more?
There’s a great explanation with lots of photos on Wired’s Autopia blog.


2 thoughts on “Delta Gets Freaky With Seats

  1. maryanne Leblanc

    Hmm. Looks like it will be difficult for some people to fit into those seats. What will they do?


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