Goodbye To Northwest Web Site Confusion

A most utterly annoying thing about Northwest Airlines is its Web site address:

Over the years, I have repeatedly typed in, which seems only logical. Except that is a tourism portal that throws up scads of advertising daughter windows when I try to close it. My anti-virus software tosses out warnings and I curse myself as I click the whole mess shut.

You would think I’d remember after making this mistake a zillion times. But I don’t.

Maybe I get confused because Southwest Airlines uses Maybe my brain is growing brittle under stress.

Still, I don’t know why Northwest never managed to acquire the domain. Now, with a merger planned with Delta, there won’t be any reason for it.

Presumably, the merged airline (if it all goes through) will have the address because it’s already been agreed that the merged airline will be called Delta. (Delta Air Lines acquired the domain In 2000, after a messy legal fight with a financial services company. Delta’s site was previously, and stupidly,

There are those who say Northwest has a better Web site than Delta does. I haven’t ever sat down to compare the two, but I’m partial to Delta’s site. I never forget where it is.


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