Airline Deregulation And Its Discontents

Did Ending Regulation Help Fliers?” The New York Times asked yesterday.

That’s a big question. I say yes.

I say it because deregulation made flying affordable for millions of people. And I’m one of them. And I like to go places.

Still, there’s no question that before deregulation of the airline industry 30 years ago, air travel was more comfortable, gracious and reliable. For people who could afford it. For everyone else, it was irrelevant.

Deregulation may be largely to blame for airline bankruptcies and drastic cuts in service, as the Times article suggests. But regulation was to blame for high fares and complacency.

Maybe there’s a happy medium between the two. But given a choice, I’d choose deregulation.


One thought on “Airline Deregulation And Its Discontents

  1. mark9ze

    Deregulation was a disaster, and it is now comming full circle as is evident with the current state of the industry, in regards to the traveling experience. It is unconscionable to expect airline employees, investors, creditors and the airport infrustructure to take the brunt of low fares, so that not only Jimmy but Julie can fly accross country for $50.00 to see Grama……..thats what trains and buses are for.


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