Naomi Campbell Arrested At Heathrow

Public transportation is not for everyone, and especially not for Naomi Campbell.

The supermodel was arrested today at Heathrow.  Witnesses told The Daily Telegraph that Campbell spat on a police officer who was removing her from a British Airways plane after a dispute over her luggage.

Lots of people are unhappy about their luggage at Heathrow these days. ("The horror that is Heathrow continues," declared The Economist in a piece entitled "Still a mess.") But I haven’t heard of any others spitting on an officer of the law.

That’s because most people know how to behave in public. And if they don’t realize that their convenience is no more important than anyone else’s, they at least know how to pretend they realize it.

The Telegraph story also noted that Campbell has gotten into messy disputes at airports before, at Heathrow and in Bogota. Isn’t there was a no-fly list for people like that?


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