British Airways: Hell On Luggage

It seems  you might as well throw your suitcase over a cliff as hand it to British Airways at Heathrow. At least you’d know what happened to it.

BA has amassed a pile of 15,000 or 19,000 or 28,000 bags at the brand new and thoroughly dysfunctional Terminal 5 at Heathrow, depending on whose numbers you believe and when you believed them. The airline is now trucking bags to Milan for sorting.

At least the lost luggage is under cover. Last year around this time there was a wee bit of a scandal after BA left a huge pile of luggage out on the tarmac where, in a right proper expression of the British climate, it got rained on.  This enhanced the dreadful reputation that BA had already earned for losing bags.

I have to say, at least, that BA seems very convincingly sorry.

Most corporations apologize with the sullen indifference of a 3-year-old forced into it by his mother. They express regret about vague circumstances in infuriatingly passive and indirect language, and then follow up with excuses about the weather or the computers or something. It’s like a murderer who apologizes in court for "what happened."

BA has not only been remarkably abject, it has used declarative sentences. Quoth BA on its Web site: "We accept the level of service we have provided has not been good enough … We are very sorry for the inconvenience this has caused you." (Not might have or may have caused you.)

Well put. Now please deliver the damned luggage.


One thought on “British Airways: Hell On Luggage

  1. Adam

    Check out the following bulletin board for discussion on the subject. Most of it contributed by pilots and staff from BA.
    PPRUNE = professional pilot rumour network
    Great article and yes what an unprofessional airline, they are losing passengers in droves. Hence why they seem to be getting the flights away at the moment, i expect people are taking their business elsewhere!


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