Aloha Airlines Shuts Down Passenger Service

Aloha Airlines is shutting down passenger service today, and some passengers are going to be left holding their bags. The decision came less than two weeks after Aloha entered bankruptcy for the second time in three years.

Aloha announced that it’s working with United Airlines to accommodate passengers with tickets for flights to the mainland. Hawaiian Airlines announced that it will honor tickets for interisland flights on a standby basis, but only through Thursday, April3.

On its Web site, Aloha advises passengers who want refunds for tickets to contact their travel agents or credit card companies. (If you’re one of them, I suggest you dispute the charge right quickly.) Those who paid cash have one unlikely option: to file a claim with the bankruptcy court.

Aloha advises that frequent flier miles will be lost. Air cargo service will continue.

Conspicuously absent from the equations is go!, the Mesa Airlines subsidiary that drove Aloha out of business. It was a war of attrition. The Associated Press reports that Mesa took $20 million in losses over 16 months, offering fares as low as $1 to get a foothold in the market.

It would only be fitting if go! would honor Aloha tickets after April 3, though some passengers might prefer not to take them up on the offer.

Aloha says 1,900 employees will be "affected," which no doubt means they’ll lose their jobs. After 62 years in business, that’s a sad thing indeed. 


9 thoughts on “Aloha Airlines Shuts Down Passenger Service

  1. nj

    This is sad. I used to work for Aloha. I was with the company when they filed 3 yrs ago. My heart goes out to my friends still employed.

  2. Anonymous

    mesa and go need to leave hawaii alone. the damage they have caused os tremendous. business is business but their tacticts were determined to be illegal by the courts.

  3. Richard Man

    I was very sad to learn of Aloha Airlines leaving the business completely. Growing up in Hawaii in 1950 was such a joy to fly in between Islands with Aloha Airlines. We grew up with Aloha and it was the pride of the pacific.
    Being a former Flight Attendant with Continental Airlines my heart goes out to all the employees of Aloha.
    God Bless you all!
    Richard Man

  4. Jeff

    Mesa needs to go as well. They all need to stop flying mesa and drive them out of business. They are a crap airline anyway. I feel bad for Aloha employees that they got caught up in this crappy situation with MESA.

  5. David Grill

    Aloha Airlines, a part of Hawaii for 61 years, ran out of business with cut-throat pricing by a new carrier. Shame on those who use that carrier when visiting the “Aloha State”. I worked for Aloha years ago, and feel a friend has died.

  6. Chris Beal-Kaplan

    What a sad day. Aloha Airlines was part of Hawaii. The first time I visited Hawaii I flew Aloha Airlines. My husband was on R&R from the Viet Nam war. They treated us so well. Then later when I flew as a pilot in the Islands I had many friends and associates at Aloha. It’s unrealistic, but I wish the mainland airlines would just leave inter-island flying to the people of Hawaii because they don’t understand the Islands at all, and cause a lot of harm when they come in.

  7. Tony L. Thompson

    What a shame, MESA Airlines is one of the worst in the business! On-time performance is aweful, cancelations are the highest, their reputation at other airports across the country is at the bottom of the barrel! Maintenance, lets just say, I don’t trust them because I’ve seen first hand. United has dropped them from being an express carrier 2 times before. I will not fly on their airline and know many people who refuse to fly on their airline. What a shame that this low class airline put a “legacy” out of business!

  8. Janeice

    It’s important to look to the executives in charge of Aloha for the way this thing happened. Yes, I agree, competition and fuel prices were a factor. However, the way this happened and the timing were a “hand gesture” from the executive staff at Aloha to it’s frequent flyer members, the state of Hawaii and travelers in general. Shame on you!

  9. Tom

    Hawaiian Holdings Reports 2007 Third Quarter Financial Results
    * Operating profit of $25.6 million, up $12.9 million versus prior year
    * Operating revenue increased 17.5% to $273 million
    * CASM excluding fuel declined by 5.7% to 7.07 cents
    * Unrestricted cash, cash equivalents and short-term investments of
    $167 million at September 30, 2007
    Lets put the blame where it really belongs. Go finally allowed people to actually afford to fly in Hawaii, something neither Hawaiian nor Aloha cared about… this stuff about Aloha being forced out by GO is a joke, they both tried to force out every competitor that ever came to Hawaii to make inter-island travel affordable… remember Mid Pacific? Remember Mahalo…
    Why is it Hawaiian, stuck with the same competition is showing a profit? This is a management issue, pure and simple… the people of Hawaii can only travel by air, and maybe soon by ferry… and we are not all rich folk.. many who traveled on Go got to do so for the first times in their lives, so give credit where credit is due.
    Aloha… Tom


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