Update: Flight Cancellations Easing Up

Delta reported canceling 275 flights nationwide today to perform inspections on its MD80 aircraft before the FAA’s deadline Friday.

At Bradley, where nine of Delta’s 25 daily flights were scheduled on MD80s, three were canceled today. Three others were more than an hour late taking off.

American Airlines canceled 141 flights today, on top of 318 it canceled on Wednesday. None of its 15 Bradley flights was canceled, but then American doesn’t regularly fly MD80s from Bradley.

If you’re wondering what it’s all about, the Airline Biz blog at The Dallas Morning News has a photo of the offending wiring harness and a link to the FAA’s airworthiness directive.

Delta announced on its Web site that it expects operation to be back to normal Friday. American said its inspections were nearly complete today.


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