Turboprops On The Comeback?

The high price of jet fuel is causing airlines to reconsider the old-fashioned — and relatively fuel-efficient — turboprop, according to the Associated Press.

Propeller-driven aircraft tend to be smaller, bouncier and noisier than the regional jets that have, largely, replaced them. So manufacturers are making turboprops bigger, smoother and quieter. Not that this is necessarily the main selling point.

"Nowadays, operating efficiency trumps any passenger considerations," an airline analyst told the AP.

Yeah, we get that.

There’s an interesting movement, though, in the opposite direction for the same reason. Some airlines are looking to save on fuel by cutting regional jets and inefficient narrow-body airliners, mainly 737s, from their fleets. But they’re keeping bigger aircraft that carry more people.

So, will we end up with two choices: turboprops or 767s? I think I’ll take the 767 …


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