Skybus Announces New Routes

Fly direct from Hartford to Jacksonville and Fort Myers! Almost. Reportedly.

The Columbus Dispatch, citing a report on theAirDB, says that Skybus is set to announce some new routes, including flights between Chicopee, Mass., and two cities in Florida — St. Augustine and Punta Gorda. In Skybus-speak, Chicopee is Hartford, St. Augustine is Jacksonville / Daytona Beach and Punta Gorda is Fort Myers.

[Skybus confirmed those changes and began selling tickets this morning, according to The Dispatch. It also announced some cutbacks on routes, including a reduction from two flights a day to one between Chicopee and its hub in Columbus.]

The same source reported that Skybus will start a shuttle between Boston and New York, or more specifically between Portsmouth, N.H., and Newburgh, N.Y.  [Also confirmed this morning, but seasonal.]

This all fits with what appears to be a new strategy for Skybus, cutting back on long-haul flights and concentrating on more-profitable short hauls along the East Coast. There are just more dollars to collect per mile flown on short flights, and that’s critical with oil well above $100 a barrel.

And while other airlines are also cutting flights and rebooking passengers, Skybus is again taking the unusual step of canceling tickets it has already sold and issuing refunds. This tends, if I remember back to when Skybus cut some West Coast flights, to deeply offend the passengers who have made travel plans.

I wonder,  if oil goes much higher, whether airlines will just start taxiing aircraft on inter-city routes. They can call it Groundplane.

Skybus fares will start, as always, at $10. If you want in at that price, you need to sign up for Skybus email updates.


3 thoughts on “Skybus Announces New Routes

  1. Ken V

    New routes and all routes are now on sale for August, get those $10 tickets before they are gone ! I just bought 3 round trips!!!

  2. carol huffer

    hello i have a flight to Italy on April 4th. 08 . i am wondering if I ahould exchange my us dollars here or over there. if i do it here where is the best place. i hear the banks charge a big fee to do this. any help please.

  3. Jeanne Leblanc

    Hi Carol,
    You won’t get a good rate exchanging money here. Your best bet is to bring an ATM card and use a secure bank ATM to withdraw money in the local currency. You’ll pay a small fee, but the rate will be reasonable. If you prefer to carry and exchange cash, you’ll still do better in Italy than here.


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