Delta Adding Luggage Fee

Delta Air Lines will follow United and US Airways in assessing a $25 fee for a second piece of checked luggage. Delta President Ed Bastian told investors about the fee yesterday, according to Business Travel News Online.

It’s a lost battle, folks. With three of the Big Six on board, it’s only a matter of time before the other three follow suit. Delta hasn’t announced details, but most likely you’ll be able to check one bag weighing up to 50 pounds on domestic flights and pay $25 for a second.

I ranted against this charge when United imposed it on domestic flights and again when U.S. Air added it for domestic and international flights. I think I’ll give up.

It’s been pointed out that a fee for luggage at least follows the logic that the more weight an aircraft carries, the more fuel it burns. I get that, though I think that you could logically extend that to charging passengers by the pound.

Meanwhile, if you need to travel domestically with a lot of luggage, you might consider Southwest. It recently cut back on its checked bag allowance, too – from three to two.


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