Carnival To Blast Jumbo Ads At Passengers

Carnival Cruise Lines has outfitted four of its ships with giant video screens on the pool decks. Now, apparently, it’s going to sell advertising on them.

According to the Media Life magazine Web site, advertisers can buy 30- or 60-second spots that will be shown once an hour on the 12-by-22-foot LED screens. "Sound is broadcast via a 69,000 watt stereo system."

The appeal to advertisers is easy to understand. "What better captive audience than pleasure-seeking cruise passengers?" asks the Web site of the Brand Connections agency, which is working with Carnival to sell the ads.

Just the idea of a huge video screen on the deck of a cruise ship makes me feel like a captive, though I’ve yet to sail on a ship equipped with one. Some passengers swear they’re a lot of fun, and I guess they could be in a drive-in movie sort of way. But somehow it seems more likely that they’ll just overload the deck with more noise and distraction, which I don’t find conducive to relaxing.

And ads? How can that be fun?

Near as I can tell, the Carnival ships now equipped with these video screens are the Splendor, Victory, Freedom and Liberty. Just so you know.


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