Too Pretty To Fly? Not So Much

Ohmigod, so like Dr. Phil had this show, with like those two girls who said they got kicked off a Southwest Airlines flight for being too totally hot and stuff?

And like Kyla Ebbert was on the show, too. She’s got this beef with Southwest for totally telling her off because she was wearing some super cute outfit and stuff. And those girls are like, "We didn’t say we got kicked off because we’re too pretty." And Dr. Phil is like, showing them their e-mail where they totally wrote that they were too pretty. And Kyla is like, saying she feels bad for Southwest because those girls were so rude.

You should definitely check out the video because it’s not like they were that hot. Like they couldn’t get on "Laguna Beach" or "The Hills"  or anything.

And Southwest had this guy in this totally department-store polo shirt, and he’s saying they got kicked off for their behavior, which I guess was yelling at some guy and swearing or whatever.

Can you believe that even  Dr. Phil and this girl who’s all pissed off at Southwest for like discrimination or something would totally tell them off?  It was like burn.


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