Cell Phones On Planes = Hell

A recent story on MSNBC.com confirms what we all suspected – there’s no technical reason to ban the use of cell phones on planes. They’re not going to interfere with the aircraft’s navigation, no matter what the safety video says.

They’re just going to piss off the passenger in the next seat. Especially if it’s me.

Of course,  I have a cell phone. In fact, I have two – a personal cell phone and one for work. The fact that they are nearly identical black Razr phones is kind of amusing, because I never know which one is ringing. (I could fix this by changing the ring tones, but I don’t because, frankly, I hate my phones. Both of them. It’s a passive-aggressive thing.)

But I hate your phone more. Because if you talk on it while sitting next to me on a plane (or in a restaurant, or on a bus or in the airport), you will annoy me. Your conversation will be distracting and boring. Perhaps not as distracting and boring as my conversation would be if I could figure out which phone to answer, but distracting and boring enough.

So let’s just not do it. No cell phones on planes in flight. Please.


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