Screaming Babies Are … Funny?

How many babies does it take to scream non-stop from Istanbul to Amerstam? Two, as it turns out, if they work well in tandem.

What struck me, though, about my KLM flight with the two babies was the reaction of the other passengers. While a couple near me hunkered down with earplugs, I didn’t notice the usual grumbling and muttering from the non-baby-carrying passengers.

In fact, as we waited to get off the plane and one of the babies continued to scream with incredible vigor and tenacity, people started to smile and laugh. Several started trying to play with the baby, and others made humorous comments to the mother. I don’t understand Dutch, but the sentiment seemed to be: "Great lungs!"

I’m not saying screaming babies are fun. But maybe sometimes the best approach is to relax and accept what is.


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