A New And Exciting Way Of Getting Off An MD-80

The sister Maryanne and I had an interesting experience today at the end of an Onur Air flight in Turkey,  from Kayseri to Istanbul. (We had an interesting experience at the beginning of the flight, which consisted in nearly missing it. Another story.)

Anyway, at the end of the flight, the crew opened up the back of the plane, an MD-80, and we walked out onto a portable stairway from the rear of the plane. ”We’re being excreted,” Maryanne exclaimed.

Passengers also exited out the front of the plane, which seemed considerably more normal. But I’ve never before seen an MD-80 unloaded that way. I guess it wouldn’t work with a jetway.

I’d have a photo but Maryanne wouldn’t let me take one. Exaggerated fear of Turkish prison.


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