A Funeral In Turkey

I’ve been in the small village of Ayvali in the Cappadocia region of Turkey the past few days, staying in the Gamirasu Cave Hotel with some relatives and a friend.  It’s been enlightening.

We had to leave our rented car at the top of a hill and walk down a steep, cobbled road to the hotel, which is hewn into the rocks. Yesterday we walked back up the hill to find the car had been blocked in by several other vehicles.

A local woman came out on her balcony and, seeming to understand our predicament, chattered cheerfully at us in Turkish and made some gestures that did not convey anything we could understand. So we went back to the hotel and asked about the cars.

The management was apologetic. There was a funeral in the village and everyone was at the mosque. The cars would be gone when the service was over, in perhaps half an hour.

We might have realized what was go─▒ng on because when we took a walk earlier past the cemetery we had seen two men digging a grave.

In any event, we decided we might as well have lunch at the hotel while we waited. And after lunch the cars were, as predicted, gone.


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