Nickel And Diming Wrapup

The cost of priority boarding on a Skybus flight can now cost more than the ticket itself. Skybus is still selling seats for $10 (plus taxes and fees), but starting Tuesday it will charge $12.50 to passengers who want to board early and get the best seats.

Skybus is also raising its fee for checking a bag from $5 to $10 – or $12.50 for passengers who don’t arrange it in advance.

Other recent travel fees, in case you haven’t been keeping track:

• United Airlines, which used to allow two  checked bags for free, recently added a $25 fee for checking the second bag.

• Southwest Airlines, which previously allowed three checked bags, just added a $25 fee for the third bag.

• Spirit  Airlines, which charges for all checked bags, recently raised the fee to $10 a bag if space is reserved in advance or $20 at the gate.

• US Airways reduced the minimum mileage award for short hops from 500 miles to the actual milage flown.

• All the major cruise lines have added fuel surcharges of about $5 per person per day – on fares they had already sold.

Chris Elliott had an interesting question. When we pay more, aren’t we supposed to, well, get more?


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