Daily Archives: February 18, 2008

Cruise Passengers Spent Time – And Money – In New London

A study of the impact of cruise ship visits on businesses in New London shows that it is, predictably, good. Passengers get off the ships and spend money, which is what it’s all about.

The results of the survey suggest the passengers spent an average of $12 in each business they patronized. The Day of New London reports that most of the business people surveyed believe the town needs to encourage these wallet-opening tendencies by sprucing up the place a bit.

Eight cruise ships are scheduled to stop in New London this year during on New England / Canada coastal tours .


Nickel And Diming Wrapup

The cost of priority boarding on a Skybus flight can now cost more than the ticket itself. Skybus is still selling seats for $10 (plus taxes and fees), but starting Tuesday it will charge $12.50 to passengers who want to board early and get the best seats.

Skybus is also raising its fee for checking a bag from $5 to $10 – or $12.50 for passengers who don’t arrange it in advance.

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