USAir Cuts Mileage Award

US Airways will end the practice of awarding a minimum of 500 miles for all its flights, and will instead award only the mileage flown for short hops. (Ben Mutzabaugh at USA Today has all the details.)

The 500-mile minimum has been pretty much universal. But if USAir gets away with this cutback, other airlines might follow suit. They’re all trying to cut back on expenses and increase revenues.

So, I’m wondering, how do you think they should do it?


One thought on “USAir Cuts Mileage Award

  1. John

    I know fuel prices have increased, but this posturing for profits is a complete joke. I fly once or twice a week for work and my flight is always full or near full. Security lines are always incredibly long. And the prices I am paying are significantly more than they were last year. HOW ARE AIRLINES LOOSING MONEY!? There is no way someone isn’t getting rich on this…


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