Up Until I Got Shot …

“Up until I got shot I was having a great time,” Welsh tourist Steve Storton told the Western Mail newspaper when he got back from vacation recently. 

Storter, shot through the chest by a robber during a port call on a Caribbean cruise, was determined not to let the whole thing get him down. So he got bandaged up at a hospital, got back on his ship and finished his vacation. (Gene Sloan at the USA Today Cruise Log also has a take on the story.)

I just simply can’t top that. The best injury I can dredge up (so far) is  a really big bruise, from wrist to elbow, that I got on a fall on a rainy hike on Kauai. Doesn’t really hold a candle, does it?

There’s a lot of 2008 left to go, but Steve is definitely on my short list for vacationer of the year.


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