Bringing Pungent Food On Airplanes

I confess that on return flights from New Orleans, I have the habit of bringing a sandwich and pasta salad from Angeli on Decatur on board for my personal sustenance.

And I have noticed, on occasion, nearby passengers turning their heads in what I assume to be gastric envy because the pasta salad has a tangy, garlicky scent. What I must now consider is whether this is an offensive act on my part.

Miss Manners, for whom I have the utmost reverence, has opined in response to a reader’s query that:

… pungent food odors should be added to the list of things that should not be allowed to intrude on fellow passengers.

I have to admit that the pasta salad is pungent. I would not describe it as smelly, but I’m going to allow for pungent. Slightly pungent.

I would like to think that this pungency is not offensive, but appealing, that it might excite hunger but not repugnance.  Is that so wrong?

OK. What if I eat it really fast?


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