A Shuttle To Hamburger Heaven

I just ran across an entry on the Gadling blog that rocked my world. It describes a strategy to cop a shuttle ride to the In-N-Out Burger just outside LAX. This makes me long for a three-hour layover in one of the world’s most hectic airports.


Me at the LAX In-N-Out Burger

I’ve blogged about In-N-Out Burger before. We right coast dwellers are sadly and sorely deprived of this juicy and delectable uber-burger, which is sold no farther east than Arizona. When I flew to San Diego to visit the kid last summer, the first stop was Hertz and the second stop was In-N-Out Burger.

But my favorite In-N-Out Burger is the one on Sepulveda Boulevard just outside Los Angeles International Airport. I love it for the burgers, and I love it for the plane spotting. It lies right in the flight path of an active runway.

A Cathay Pacific coming in over the In-N-Out burger on Sepulveda Boulevard in Los Angeles to land at LAX.

Added 1/19/08:

The husband and the kid, at the San Diego In-N-Out Burger this weekend, taunting me by cell phone photo.

3 thoughts on “A Shuttle To Hamburger Heaven

  1. Jeanne Leblanc

    Are you daring to question my devotion to In-N-Out burger? I wrote this blog entry for love, I tell you, true love. Besides, I’m not sure it’s possible to look glamorous leaning on a Hyundai …


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