Airline Mergers: The Silver Lining

Mergers among the Big Six airlines will be good for the airlines, and not so good for passengers, everyone seems to agree. But Scott McCartney at the Wall Street Journal has identified the silver lining:

Mergers also can mean bigger airplanes on some routes if a combined carrier with a larger customer base can substitute a full-size, mainline jet for a 50-seat regional jet. Some transcontinental and international flights could see larger aircraft — wide-body jets instead of single-aisle planes — as well.

Did I just read "bigger planes" and "wide-body jets?"

I’m not in favor of closing hubs, raising fares, messing with frequent flier programs and all the rest of the merger fallout. But bigger planes? I’m all for that.

Oh, how I miss the big metal. How I long for a day when 767s fly from Bradley once more.

And how about newer planes? If Delta merges with Northwest, for example, would Northwest get rid of those nasty 40-year-old DC-9s?

Oh, what a sweet, sweet dream …


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