A Reason To Fasten Your Seat Belt

Over the years I’ve become more inclined to keep the seat belt on when I’m flying, mainly because I’ve read too many stories about the kind of thing that happened to Air Canada Flight 190 this week.

Nine people were hurt when the Airbus A319 suddenly dropped and bounced. While most news reports are blaming the incident on turbulence, a report from the National Post in Canada raises the possibility that there was a problem with the autopilot.

Whatever the cause, the National Post story describes screaming passengers, some thrown around the cabin and others dodging loose dishes and other objects. A witness said one passenger was slammed into the ceiling.  Six of the nine injured people had "potentially serious injuries to their neck, spine, head or back."

True, these occurrences are rare. It’s not as if I fly in fear of them. But stuff happens, and I don’t see a compelling reason not to wear the seat belt when I’m in the seat.


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