For Less Luggage, Ship Ahead

There are some interesting tips at the Upgrade: Travel Better site about mailing stuff ahead to your destination when you travel. (I found the piece through The Consumerist.)

I’ve never done that, though I did once meet a guy who liked to FedEx freshly pressed shirts to his hotel. (I think he was living well beyond my economic circle.)

I have, however, shipped stuff home so that I wouldn’t have to carry it back.  You have to be careful, though. I recall once stuffing a bunch of dirty laundry into a mailing envelope in Tucson only to discover, when I got ready for a run the next morning, that my running tights were gone.

It was 35 degrees and I ran in shorts. My legs are still blue.


One thought on “For Less Luggage, Ship Ahead

  1. John

    I covered this for our maritime blog as well. It’s a great tip for mariners who need to bring things like knifes out to our ships. Great story, thanks!
    Captain John


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