Fun With Model Railroading At Grand Central

I took the train to New York with the family yesterday, and we found some fun even before we got out of Grand Central Station. The New York Transit Museum Store, right in the station, had a wonderful model railroad set up for the holidays:


One thought on “Fun With Model Railroading At Grand Central

  1. Don

    What a great place!
    Of course, the main Transit Museum out in Brooklyn is well worth the trip; it’s in a retired subway station where you can explore vintage subway cars; hear about the history of the IND, IRT and BMT divisions; and learn about how the tunnels were dug and how the elevated lines were built.
    But the annex and store in convenient Grand Central is a treat to visit, too. It sells an amazing range of subway-themed stuff, from shower curtains to jewelry to wallets. Best bet: The stuffed bears (customized for each of NYC’s 24 different subway lines). These are outstanding collectibles, and make top-shelf birthday or Christmas presents. My family adores them.


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