Arthur Frommer’s Travel Resolutions – And Mine

Arthur Frommer posted 10 travel resolutions on his blog, and they’re really good. He invited his readers to post their resolutions as well, so I did.

I also posted them  here, on my blog:

1. I will continue to tip the chambermaid.

2. I will not waste my time at a shopping mall when I travel. The stores are the same as the ones back home, anyway.

3. Something is bound to go wrong during every trip, so I will deal with it without whining.

4. I will watch other people’s toes and elbows when I pull my wheeled luggage.

5. I will not buy art or jewelry on a cruise ship.

6. I will not put my luggage on a seat in the airport when people are left standing.

7. I will never cut in line. Ever.

8. I will not pay for United’s Economy Plus or otherwise encourage the airlines to further stratify coach.

9. I will not pay extra for exit row or aisle seating.

10. I will not fly Skybus until it gets a customer service phone number, and hires people to answer it.


One thought on “Arthur Frommer’s Travel Resolutions – And Mine

  1. Maryanne

    What does Arthur Frommer have against the New York Times travel section?
    Your resolutions are great – having much to do with courtesy. For number 4, though, don’t forget being careful getting things out of the overhead bins. I think you could kill someone taking out a heavy carry-on. Also it might be good to add that you should try not to block airplane aisles for any longer than absolutely necessary. Also don’t stop at the exit from the arrivals area to greet your family, blocking everyone after you from leaving (one of my pet peeves). Also be careful with your packs and packages – you can whack people with them as well as your elbow!


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