Skybus Cancels Flights

Skybus has been having mechanical trouble with a couple of its planes over the past few days, and has canceled 18 flights so far.  It’s another manifestation of Skybus’ biggest weakness: no bench.

Skybus has just nine A319s, two of which were just recently delivered and don’t seem to be in service yet. So two aircraft constitute more than 25 percent of the active fleet, and when they go out of service it creates a big problem.

When these things happen over Christmas, it creates a public relations mess, too.

This problem may resurface if Skybus continues to fly such an aggressive schedule with so few aircraft. Skybus is still a long way from reaching the critical mass of, say, Southwest Airlines, which has more than 500 aircraft, or even Ryanair in Europe, which has  more than 150. When a Skybus jet goes out of service, there’s no spare. The flight is canceled.

This is tough on passengers because Skybus has no agreements to endorse its customers over to other airlines. They can take a refund or wait for Skybus to book them on a later flight. And with only one or two flights a day to most destinations, Skybus passengers may wait a long time for the next open seat.

We all have to roll with the punches when we fly. Passengers need to realize that they may save money with Skybus, but they may also have to roll a little farther.


4 thoughts on “Skybus Cancels Flights

  1. Kate Hanni

    Passengers need to roll a little farther? More of the let’s get the passengers to expect less attitude that we’ve been seeing all year. In many industries this may be effective, but we are talking about air travel. How far down the dark ladder can we go?
    Kate Hanni

  2. Mangkor

    This is an example of wanting bus fares on an aircraft. The only way an airline can afford to sell tickets as low as SkyBus is to cut corners. Since many of the aspects of an airline’s business are regulated, the cuts need to be made in other areas. There are no regulations on the number of aircraft held in reserve. Of course, if the government mandates that as well you can see the prices go up. Can you imagine how much an aircraft sitting in a hangar costs per day?

  3. Joe Farrell

    Personally, looking at Skybus schedule, and their fleet, they had two aircraft ‘withdrawn’ from service in late December. Repos? Skybus is not long for this world – perhaps this airline’s demise will be the tolling of the bell for the airlines to see how far they can NOT go. . .
    In 2002 I got my pilots license and bought my own airplane. On 12/31 we flew from near Hilton Head SC to eastern CT – shortest time on the airlines is 4hr 40minutes from Savannah or Charleston. Adding in 3 hours for driving to and from commercial airports – it took us 90 minutes LESS to fly ourselves. No TSA. No surly flight attendants. No attitude from anyone. We brought on board food and water and even batteries and swiss army knives. I may not have a toilet, but I have CONTROL.


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