MaxJet Files For Bankruptcy

MaxJet, an all business-class airline that started up in 2005,  suspended operations today and filed for bankruptcy.

It was one of three airlines flying jets with only premium-class seating across the Atlantic. Another U.S. airline – Eos – and a British one – Silverjet – are continuing that kind of service. (A kind reader points out that I should also mention L’Avion, which flies between the U.S. and Paris.) The seats on these airlines are generally less expensive than those in first-class cabins on the major airlines, but the number of flights and destinations is smaller.

It’s interesting to me that another young airline with a diametrically opposed business plan – the ultra-no-frills Skybus – has also had some less-than-stellar financial news.

It could be that it’s not a great time to start an airline, what with rising fuel costs and the increasingly shaky look of the world economy. And it could be that most of us continue to be middle-class fliers, unable to afford to pay thousands of dollars for an airline trip but reluctant to give up the most basic amenities that we now enjoy.


One thought on “MaxJet Files For Bankruptcy

  1. Ruperto

    No wonder Maxjet is history. Their less than economy class communication and frequent last moment flight cancellations due to unreliable aircraft must have contributed heavily to the collapse.
    In London there was no representative contactable by phone. Emails went unanswered. Good business starts with good communication.


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