Airline Etiquette From Delta

Delta Airlines has created a light-hearted series of animated short videos aimed at raising awareness of airline etiquette.

The Associated Press reported on these Planguage videos, and quoted a business professor on the topic. He seemed to appreciate Delta’s effort, and he said that part of the problem is that airlines haven’t educated the public properly about what to expect on a plane.

Which is true. It’s part of the problem.

Another part is that Delta, and most every other airline, is packing people too close together for any reasonable semblance of comfort and personal space. Another part is that Delta, and most every other airline, has cut back on cabin crew so severely in coach that flight attendants don’t have the time or energy to spot problems or smooth over conflicts.

And another part is that some passengers don’t care. It’s not that they don’t know how to behave properly. They just don’t want to.

Still, good on Delta. We have to keep trying to be civilized in the air. It’s our only hope.


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