Two More Near Misses

When I make a mistake, it adds up to a typo or a correction. When a pilot or an air traffic controller makes a mistake, it can add up to mass casualties.

Given that pilots and air traffic controllers are human beings and that no human being has ever achieved perfection, don’t we owe them as much of a margin of error as they need to do the best job they can? Don’t we owe them good technology, thorough training and time to rest their bodies and minds?

Given that they hold our lives in their hands, don’t we owe it to ourselves?

There have been two more recent near-misses between commercial jets, one in Baltimore and one in Newark, in the week since a GAO report came out warning of the possibility of a catastrophic runway collision. Are we not paying attention?

Certainly there’s a cost for increased safety. Compare it to the cost of letting it slide. If we wait until after the catastrophic collision, we’ll pay both.


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