Engine Vibration vs. Explosion

WCSH-TV recently reported on a serious engine problem that forced a Southwest flight to return to Love Field in Dallas on Nov. 17.

A Southwest spokeswoman told the station that "our pilot did notice a vibration in the right engine." Some passengers described it a little differently – they said the engine, well, exploded, according to the FlightStory aviation blog. Which would explain the big hole in the engine casing.

I guess you could describe an explosion as a whole lot of vibrations, but I think this discrepancy may be more than semantic.


One thought on “Engine Vibration vs. Explosion

  1. Stan DeLong

    Being a pilot who has flown for two years (since I started keeping count in 1965) I can state that the pilots did notice a vibration. It was caused by an out of balance turbine wheel which had shed some blades that went through the cowling and as the blades penetrated the outer cowling (the inner being reinforced to protect the cabin in such a case) they could not see the breech. So….


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