Another Use For Shower Caps

I found myself in a hotel in Boston on the day after Thanksgiving with a half a pecan pie, which is the kind of thing that can happen to people in my family.

Trouble was, I didn’t have anything to cover the pie plate with, so as to carry it home in a safe and sanitary manner. Until I remembered my sister Clare’s trick.

Her husband travels a lot and consequently their home abounds in the sort of giveaway items one finds in hotel rooms. Like shower caps. Which make handy elasticized covers for pie plates, salad bowls, cookie platters and the like.


I made the pecan pie, by the way, and I will go so far as to say it was pretty good. Sort of my specialty.


2 thoughts on “Another Use For Shower Caps

  1. Gudrun

    I have a friend who does the same thing – and back when I was really traveling for work, she had recruited me to pick up shower caps for her from the hotels I stayed in. Still cracks me up to think about it!

  2. Maryanne

    Hi Jeanne,
    Posting photos of your pecan pie is cruel to those of us who were unable to be at home for Thanksgiving.


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