Airline Food Rated

The Diet Detective site has posted a very thorough and useful study of the nutritional value of airline food, from the free snack packs to the boxed meals that passengers pay for. USA Today has a story about it.

United Airlines’ food rated first for nutritional value, but watch out. Who knew that its $5 snackpack has 810 calories? We’re not going to fit into 17-inch-wide seats if we keep eating those. (The site recommends sharing the snackpack with a companion, but I can honestly say that in my case that is just not going to happen.)

Continental tied for second with Delta and Midwest, but I’d like to give it extra points because it’s the only airline still serving free meals in coach.

I’ve been bringing my own food on flights for years, now, but it’s not always easy to do that on a return flight when you’ve been staying in a hotel without a kitchen. So I’ll check back with the Diet Detective site next time I fly, so I’ll know what to choose if I have to buy food on the plane.


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