Travelers Gift Guide

I come from a traveling clan, so holiday gifts are often travel-related. Here are some of the winning gifts that I’ve given and received over the past couple of years:

Flexo-line, $8
Any traveler who doesn’t have one of these braided, surgical latex travel clotheslines, should get one. If you want to give it as part of a comprehensive laundry kit, add a sink stopper, Woolite packets  and mini bungee cords to help afix the line to just about anything.

Ecreek_2 Eagle Creek money pouch, $10
This pouch can conceal your money or passport, around your waist or under your jacket. I have a couple.

Baggallini Zip-Out Shopping Tote, $25
This is a rip-stop, zip-up nylon tote bag that folds up into its own pouch. It’s perfect for bringing back all those purchases that won’t fit in your bag for the trip back home. The price is for a large bag; there a small and medium sizes, too.

Tilley T4 hat, $69
There are some climates where you want a hat, and there’s no better hat than a Tilley. I have the T4, but my sister bought one with a wider brim to wear in Africa, where she works.

TravelPro luggage, $36 – $360
This is the luggage favored by flight crews. (Check for the little Eiffel tower logo next time you’re in an airport.) It’s rugged and has great organizational features.

Headphones Sennheiser PXC250 Headphones with NoiseGard
, $100
These are the noise-canceling headphones I own, but there are plenty of other models. I wear mine on airplanes so  I can hear the music or the movie without the engine noise. (They work great on my riding mower, too.)


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