Another Vegas Casino Imploded

The aging New Frontier casino on the north end of the Vegas Strip went down in a cloud of dust and explosives this morning, another casualty of the neverending renewal of Las Vegas. MSNBC has some cool video.

I think that’s the casino-hotel where I once saw a huge sign proclaiming "Dirty Women, Cold Beer." I very much wanted to climb up it and switch the adjectives because I thought that would be very funny. But I have a fear of heights, and jail.

I’m not in mourning over the New Frontier, but I do think it’s a little sad that the funky, old casinos are vanishing from The Strip. It was fun to see signs like that, and places like that, interspersed among the fancy, shiny, uber-expensive new casinos.

I’m sure that the huge, $8 billion resort that will go up on the site of the New Frontier will have cold beer, if you can afford it, and, well, I’ll reserve comment on the women. But it won’t be the place where Elvis made his Vegas debut and it won’t have funny signs and it just won’t be the same.


3 thoughts on “Another Vegas Casino Imploded

  1. Stan B

    It’s too bad all the new places in vegas keep replacing the old ones, rather than the city branching out and expanding it’s limits. It’s not like there’s any shortage of barren desert space to put new casinos or anything.

  2. keithc

    Veges isn’t the same anymore I agree why doesn’t the city branch out?
    when this multibillion dollar things all open by 2012 who needs vegas anymore I’m sure they won’t miss just 1 person me but I’ll never come back I have recently found the miss. gulf coast Which is basically a small vegas with plenty of comps & small but well equipped casinos as to handle the small gambler to the nice parlors for the higher end gambler which I love.
    Bye Vegas you will be missed & will be nothing but a memory.
    come see what I’m talking about. you won’t be sorry.

  3. Diana

    This sucks. That’s where my husband and I stayed last year when we got married. We’ll never be able to return to the same place.


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