OK, Who Got My Tweezers?

Lynn Doan wrote an illuminating story for The Courant recently about all the items confiscated by the TSA at Bradley and their fate. Turns out their fate is New Hampshire, where they are sold at the state’s surplus store.

I have always regarded New Hampshire as a thrifty state. So thrifty, in fact, that I drive carefully in New Hampshire on the suspicion that an unseemly proportion of the state budget is derived from speeding tickets on out-of-state drivers.

Which brings us to my tweezers. I wonder how much New Hampshire got for them?

Well, to be fair, the tweezers were confiscated a while back, before the TSA lightened up on the tweezer deal and maybe before Bradley got into this New Hampshire connection. Besides, who would buy used tweezers? Ewww.

But if you want to buy other airport contraband, check out the BudgetTravel.com article on where these items are sold directly to consumers. And whatever you buy, don’t try to take it home in your carry-on.


One thought on “OK, Who Got My Tweezers?

  1. bsamartino

    I read that airport story! What a great story. I had all kinds of creams confiscated during whatever that liquid scare was a year or two ago. I don’t want to say what the creams were for, but I’m wondering if they wound up in New Hampshire.


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