Web Sites Collect Hellish Travel Stories

Joe Sharkey had a fun piece over the weekend about a set of Web sites devoted to complaints about dining experiences and flights gone wrong. (You have to be registered on the New York Times site to read it.)

I have to admit I found the stories on flightsfromhell.com frighteningly compelling. I thought I’d had some bad flights but there’s no way I could match these stories. They are, as Sharkey pointed out, proof of Sartre’s assertion that hell is other people.

I thought the companion dinnersfromhell.com less engaging, but that probably just reflects my own interests. Which is why I’m looking forward to the next in the series, cruisesfromhell.com …


One thought on “Web Sites Collect Hellish Travel Stories

  1. Gregg Rottler

    Dear Ms. Leblanc,
    I’m glad that you’ve enjoyed the stories on FlightsFromHell.com. I just posted three more on the website; I think you’ll especially enjoy the “Virtual Marriage” one.
    The diversity of experiences that people have while flying and dining (and probably any other activity, for that matter, involving other people) is incredible.
    I appreciate that you’d like to see a CruisesFromHell website, and agree that such a site would receive amazing stories. Unfortunately due to time constraints, it will probably be a while before I could start such a venture. Besides, there are so many other possibilities to choose from (HaircutsFromHell kind of piques my interest at this time).
    I hope that you continue to read the entertaining stories. And if you have the misfortune to experience your own flying or dining disaster, you’re more than welcome to submit your own story!
    Gregg Rottler


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