In Response To Your Query …

I just want to clear up a few issues raised in e-mails and comment I’ve received lately.

1. Whether I am an idiot is a purely subjective question. We are unlikely to reach an agreement on it.

2. Profanity does not impress me. I work in a newsroom.

3. I’m about two decades past being a girlie, honey or dearie. (It’s a good photo, but take a closer look.)

4. I do not hate Skybus.

5. I really have been on cruises, flown on planes and stayed in hotels.

6. I am not wealthy. That’s why the blog is called Coach Class.

7.  My mother is an extremely upstanding person.



2 thoughts on “In Response To Your Query …

  1. Susan

    Sounds as if you have the same readers as Susan Campbell (well, they include me, of course, but I think you’re ok!).

  2. Jeanne Leblanc

    Thanks, Susan.
    To be fair, most of the people I hear from are very pleasant. But I’m surprised by the number of people who can’t disagree without throwing in personal insults. The attitude seems to be, if you disagree with me you must be … stupid, ignorant, a leftist, a right-wing nut or abnormal in some other way.


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